Welcome to Poasana!

This website is about creative urban planning and policy making around the world. As 50% of the world population is about to live in cities, most of the challenges of today and tomorrow are located in urban areas. Challenges are getting increasingly more complex and addressing them relevantly implies to rethink the practice of urban planning.

This is what I am committed to do both as a researcher and practitioner. This website displays awesome urban initiatives mostly in Africa and Australia.

You can also read about my professional work here.

Poasana means ‘Awesome’ in Swahili. My urban planning inspiration comes from living and working in Kenya. It was in Nairobi that I came to the realization that changing the thinking and the practice of urban planning was essential to the making of better cities.

Currently based in Perth, Australia, this thought has remained intact, as the lessons learnt from developing countries are also relevant to developed countries, and rethinking urban planning is essential to all communities, everywhere.

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About me!

I am an urban planner and policy maker specializing in African Urban Planning and development issues. You can find more about my experience and background on my LinkedIn.

I completed my Masters in “Governing the Large Metropolis” at Sciences Po Paris in 2013. This Masters focused on understanding and finding solutions for developing cities.  In various professional capacities I have primarily worked with young people to facilitate their empowerment and effective participation in the planning of their cities.

Do you have questions? Do you want to get in touch? Feel free to contact me!

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